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In Nizhny Novgorod the small collective (17 people) which moved here from the Tver radio-receiving station research radio institute, the largest radio experts of that time in a with M. A. Bonch-Bruyevich, A. F. Shorin, V. P. Vologdin, V. V. Tatarinov, D. A. Rozhansky, P. A. Ostryakov and others.

The standard theory of distant distribution of waves is developed for a long time, the equipment of a distant radio communication on these waves and the distant radio lines working at centimetric.

Thus, using the range of ultra-short waves it is possible at desire or strictly to limit range of a to the horizon, or to carry out a long-distance communication on thousands of km, providing the steady force of reception in the necessary area and keeping a sharp orientation of such. It is necessary to mention that can be the biggest advantage of this range that circumstance is that in is mute it is possible to place many radio stations with intervals between them on wavelength.

Years of work of A.S. Popov in Kronstadt (1883 — 190 very fruitful period in scientific life of an. Exactly here, within the walls of a physical office of the Mine officer class, was born and there began the victorious way the greatest achievement of world science and equipment — ­.

The matter is that statics on long waves in summer months increased so that any increase in power of the transferring radio station nevertheless could not the sufficient speed of transfer and reliability of communication at long distances.

The invention ­ is one of the greatest of human culture of the end of century. Emergence of this new branch of equipment was not accident. It I will eat the previous development of science and met the requirements of an era.

However, it was found out that the similar demands processing of so large number of teams and the return answers of the equipment, the are followed by again sent teams of correction that the person cannot cope with such data flow, need of fast decision-making taking into account all obtained data and a situation.